Recently, Xiaomi held its Mi Developers Conference (MiDC 2020) where the company has presented a series of new technologies, in addition to revealing intentions for its near future. One of the points where Xiaomi has improved the most in recent years has been in its cameras, and it seems that this will continue to be a center of attention in terms of the improvements of its future devices. With this in mind, Xiaomi announced an impressive new telescopic camera technology.

Xiaomi’s new telescopic camera technology

The new camera technology has been developed by the brand’s research and development team. It features a retractable design with the periscope lens capable of achieving a 300% increase in light input and a 20% increase in clarity. According to Zeng Xuezhon, vice president of the Xiaomi Group and chairman of the mobile phone department, Xiaomi takes inspiration from traditional cameras and independently develops a new retractable lens technology.

The new lens is said to have two main advantages. One is a large aperture, which increases the amount of light received by 300%, which can provide better night scene photographic effects. Second, the camera comes with a new anti-shake technology that offers better image stability. Therefore, the image sharpness is increased by 20%, and you can capture a clear image that is not affected even if your hand is shaking when trying to take a photo.

Some videos of the demo were posted by user Xiao1u via Weibo. In these it can be seen that the telescopic lens will retract into the phone when it is not taking photos, and then it will automatically extend when taking photos. The whole process seems to be done very quickly and without setbacks or delays. Xiaomi has not announced when the technology will be released, and it is unclear which mobile phone will be the first to use the mechanism. The next big launch in the phone segment for the brand is the Xiaomi Mi 11 line of phones.

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