Xiaomi has just launched a new a new range of power banks. According to the specifications, the new power bank can store 20,000mAh power allowing you to venture out in areas while powering your devices for a longer time. The latest series has launched under the model name, 20,000mAh ZMI Aura 27W, which reveals a number of things about the power bank.

The highlight of this power bank is that it offers two-way fast charging to users which means that users can charge their devices at a faster speed while even charging the power bank at a fast speed. This new model will go on sale in China starting December 5 at 199 RMB which amounts to about Rs 2,000. Comparing this model to the previous power banks, Xiaomi has upgraded the charging power of the device to 27W in comparison to the 18W charging power that older power banks ship with.

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According to Gizmochina, this power bank also comes with improvements in charging efficiency which likely means that a lesser amount of power is wasted while charging the device. This effectively increases the amount of charge available for recharging.

This power bank also comes with a slightly tweaked design where the LED power indicator blends with the surface of the power bank. The LED lights are not visible properly when they are not glowing. Xiaomi has added both Type-C as well as microUSB ports for users to charge the power bank.

Xiaomi has not revealed any details about any potential launch of the new power bank in the Indian market. It is likely that the company may not launch this model in the Indian market in the near feature. Though, this will not be the first product that has not launched in the Indian market.

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