Xiaomi has launched a compact air purifier in China. The product has been launched under Xiaomi’s ecological chain company, but it is reportedly been sold only in Xiaomi. The 70-meter Car Air Purifier Pro has been priced at RMB 299 (approximately Rs 3,000) in the Chinese market. It includes a PM2.5 filter in the retail box, which is separately priced at RMB 39 (approximately Rs 400). The other formaldehyde filter will be made available at a price of RMB 59 (approximately Rs 600).

The 70-meter Car Air Purifier Pro reportedly comes with a CADR value of up to 52m3/h, which can purify a conventional sedan car in just 3.3 minutes. With its built-in Cubic Optoelectronics photoelectric dust sensor, the purifier cleans PM2.5 dust particles faster in real time. Also, it can purify air’s invisible particles such as dust, smoke, and pollen to achieve double purification. The company says that it intelligently adjusts the air purifier working position for better performance. It has no carbon brush wear, and provides faster speed and longer life.

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As first reported by GizChina, the 70-meter Car Air Purifier Pro boats of a compact body design inspired by Van Gogh’s masterpiece ‘Starry Night’. The device uses a USB power supply and comes with an aluminum alloy oxidized metal ring. It uses a more complex rear-tilt centrifugal fan to improve the impeller cut. It is worth mentioning that filter paper is one of the key factors for obtaining clean air, added report.

The Car Air Purifier Pro in silent mode will hardly be noticed in the car by users, claims company. When the purifier is working in salient mode, the motor consumes only 1 watt of power. The air quality can be checked in real time using the 70-meter app. It also provides filter replacement reminder to users.

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