Xiaomi has just officially launched a new Survival Game for its users. The PUBG-like game is now available for download on its Mi App Store for select Xiaomi and Redmi devices. It is worth noting that the total size of the game is just 185MB so users should not expect high-end graphics that they have come to expect from the likes of PUBG or from Fortnite. Another thing to notice here is that interested gamers can also download the APK installation file for the game from the internet and manually install the game on their devices.

The company initially started developing the game in the second half of last year, and started inviting players for a closed beta test of the game back in October 2018. After almost three months of testing, it appears as if the game is ready for the prime time. According to the description, Survival Game “is a large-scale, sci-fi 3D shooting mobile game”. The company confirmed that the game was based on the popular battle royale game format. It is possible that the company is hoping to replicate the success and associated revenue that battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

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Most of the gameplay elements appear to be slightly similar to what we have come to expect from other battle royale games. According to a post on Mi forums, all the games start with players flying to reach the location on the map in a spaceship. Similar to other games, players choose to land on the “battlefield” anywhere, anytime. Once on the map, players search the map for resources while trying to kill other players.

Similar to other games in its genre, the last player to stay alive on the map is the winner. Xiaomi also added that it has added “distinctive gameplay content” in the game which is the same case when it comes to other games. Xiaomi claims that it has optimized the game “on multiple levels” to ensure that the game can adapt to other “mainstream” smartphones in the market.

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