Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi has just launched a new e-commerce platform known as ShareSave. The platform is focused on cross-border e-commerce sales offering Xiaomi ecosystem products to users outside China. This means that users outside China now have a direct way to purchase Xiaomi ecosystem products that are not directly available in their country. According to the announcement, the company is using “social e-commerce” as the core model of the app to attract more users in the market.

The company has just launched the app in the Indian market. However, it plans to expand the platform to other markers in the near future. The highlight of the platform is that it allows users to save money on the products that buyers are interested in. According to the announcement, Mi fans can connect with each other for “a unique #SharetoSave shopping experience”. What it means is that users are encouraged to share the products that they are interested in to gain new offers including discounts and cash back coupons.

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As part of the experience, the platform offers three interactive methods for users to take part in the sale. The first is “Pair-up” where friends can team up with one another to buy a certain product for “an exclusive discount”. The second option is “Drop” where users can share the product of their choice with there friends and family to reduce the price of the product. The more, the clicks, the more the price drop. The interesting part here is that after a certain number of users, one can get the product either for 50 percent the original cost or they don’t need to pay anything while making the purchase.

The last option is “Kickstart” where users need to contribute just Rs 15 or $0.2 to back the products of their choice and then get “up to 10 times in terms of the final reward”. This will also allow Xiaomi to learn more about what products the local market is demanding from different categories. Interested users can head to Google Play Store to install the “ShareSave” app.

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