Xiaomi launched its latest fitness band, the Mi Band 4 about a month back in China. The popular fitness band is already available for purchase in China. In fact, the sale numbers for the Mi Band 4 have already managed to create some records. Taking a look at the specifications, one of the primary changes with the latest Mi Band 4 is the inclusion of the 0.95-inch color AMOLED display. For some contrast, the Mi Band 3 came with a monochrome OLED display. We ordered a Mi Band 4 from China and have been using it for about three weeks now.

Given that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 now comes with color display, this opens up some interesting possibilities. Sensing a similar opportunity about custom Band Displays, a number of Mi Band 4 owners and Xiaomi fans have already started making custom faces. We have been following this development to ensure that users can easily customize their new fitness and activity, tracking bands. The process was quite complicated in the initial weeks. However, new apps have made it a straight-forward process. Given that PUBG Mobile has managed to maintain its supremacy when it comes to mobile games, we will aim at something similar.

No, I am not talking about playing PUBG Mobile on the Mi Band 4. Instead, I am talking about changing the Band Display of your Mi Band 4 to something PUBG Mobile-related. Something that will help you express your love for the game regardless of the time and/or place. So, let’s get started with instructions on how to set a Mi Band 4 PUBG theme on your fitness tracker.

How to set PUBG theme on Mi Band 4

Step 1

Ensure that you have installed and set up your Mi Band 4 with the help of the official Mi Fit app. Open the app and sync your band to ensure that there are no pending firmware updates.

Step 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 PUBG Theme Steps 4

Install the “MiBand4” app from the Google Play Store. Open the app after the installation is done. Once in the app, you will be present with a grid of different Mi Band 4 Band displays. Currently, these Band displays don’t come with a title. The only thing present in the list is the language that supports that and the number of installs. You can also change the sorting of the list with the buttons in the bottom. These buttons also include the option to short-list the language that you want the teme to be in. The app also notes that it also works with Amazfit smartwatch. Keep in mind that this entire thing only works for Android at the moment.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 PUBG Theme Steps 2


Step 3

Gradually scan through the list of Band Displays and Install the ones that you like. Talking about PUBG Mobile, in particular, there are about three to four different Band Displays in the app. Some of them are similar in how they look so use your judgment in only installing the ones that are different. To install any given Band Display, just tap on the listing and then tap on “Install”.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 PUBG Theme Steps 3

Step 4

The Band Display details page provides specifications, author name, the background color, and type of the watch face. It also includes the time format of the watch face. Once you tap on the “Install” button, the app will take seconds to complete the install and add it in the official Mi Fit app.

Step 5

Now that the installation is done, head to the official Mi Fit app to apply the Band Display to your Mi Band 4. One can access the Band display settings in the “My Devices” section in the “Profile” tab. Select the “Mi Smart Band 4” option in the “My Devices” section and then tap on the “Band display settings” option. Here, you will see all the official “Band displays” that Xiaomi is offering to its users and the custom band displays in “My band displays”. You will find all your recently installed Band displays in this section including the PUBG Mobile ones.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 PUBG Theme Steps 1.jpg

Step 6

To apply, just tap the Band display of your choice and then tap on “Sync watch face”. This will initiate the Band display sync between the phone and the Mi Band 4. This process generally takes 10-25 seconds where you can’t see any information on your Mi Band 4.

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