Based on a couple of recent leaks, Xiaomi is working on a folding smartphone expected to launch this year. This is expected to be a part of the Mi MIX series and could flaunt a display style similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Another new leak now gives us a peek at the rear design of an early engineering sample. And, safe to say, it is reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the rear as well.

The folding phone prototype appears to have a similar hinge that, when folded, has a similar narrow display profile as the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The front could have an elongated Cover Display while the rear appears to have a triple camera setup, with all the lenses mounted vertically. Another photo shows the chassis with a complex hinge mechanism.

Xiaomi “Mi MIX” folding phone spotted again

Do note that Xiaomi is yet to confirm any plans for a folding smartphone and hence, you should take this leak with a pinch of salt. It has been a while since Xiaomi released any commercial handset in the Mi MIX series. The first Mi MIX phone launched in 2016 with a bezel-less display concept that only had a thick chin. Later, a Mi MIX 2 was released globally as a more robust version of the first-gen phone.

xiaomi Mi MIX

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The Mi MIX 3 came out later with a sliding camera mechanism and had a 5G modem baked in. The Mi MIX Alpha was demonstrated as a concept in 2019 with a wraparound display. Xiaomi, however, never launched it.

With Samsung doubling down on its commercial folding phone plans, it seems Xiaomi is willing to jump on the bandwagon without wasting time. The inner-folding design has proven its worth in the world of folding smartphones and Xiaomi seems to follow the same. This could make Xiaomi’s first outing in the folding smartphone space a safer one instead of a daring one. The inner-folding display has been found more beneficial for protecting the display from external threats.

A few years ago, Xiaomi released a teaser video showcasing a dual folding display with a MIUI interface that adapts automatically to the changing display format. The Galaxy Fold 2-inspired design is a complete departure from that concept.

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