Xiaomi is still primarily known for its smartphones in India. But the company has been expanding its product portfolio in the country and the most successful so far has been the TV business, which has seen sales of over two million units in just 14 months. With success in smartphones and TV business, Xiaomi is looking to conquer more segments. In fact, Xiaomi wants to transform into a lifestyle brand where it not only sells TVs and smartphones but also T-Shirts, Shoes and other accessories. As part of that effort, Xiaomi announced new sunglasses in India via its crowdfunding platform.

While it was available to limited people in limited quantities, the company is opening up the product to more consumers. Xiaomi Mi Polarized Sunglasses are available for sale for the first time ever and they are available for sale for the first time ever on the company’s own website. The Mi Polarized Wayfarer and Mi Polarized Aviators are the two eyeglasses available for sale on Mi.com and both are listed at Rs 999 and Rs 1,199 respectively and are available at Rs 899 and Rs 1,099 respectively.

The Mi Polarized Sunglasses seem to have only gotten a bit expensive since their showcase on crowdfunding platform. The Mi Polarized Wayfarer model was priced at Rs 699 while the Mi Polarized Aviator was priced at Rs 899. Both the models are now debuting at a premium of Rs 300 on Xiaomi’s own website. Back then Xiaomi had claimed that it’s Polarized Sunglasses are at least Rs 300 cheaper than competition but it is not clear if that is true now that the company has increased the price.

The Mi Polarized Square Sunglasses is available in blue color while the Mi Polarized Pilot Sunglasses is available in green color. At the time of their debut in India in December last year, Xiaomi had confirmed that both the Mi Polarized Sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays up to 400 nanometers. The crowdfunding page for these sunglasses showed that these are capable of minimizing glare and enhance contrast.

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Xiaomi also claims these glasses can reduce eye strain and have O6 layered lens protection as well. The Chinese company adds that the O6 protection layer for the lens “is being devised in a way to eliminate glare, polarize light and eliminate harmful UV rays.” Both the Mi Polarized Sunglasses are scratch resistant.

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