Xiaomi is coming up with another launch event focused completely on smarter IoT products. While the Mi Band 5 is one of the many products coming out, it’s not the only wearable. Xiaomi has confirmed a new smartwatch for India and it will be announced at the September 29 launch event. The company has shared a teaser image of the same on its social media timeline, hinting at a Mi Watch SE.

On its Twitter post, Xiaomi shares a teaser image revealing a circular wristwatch design for its first smartwatch in India. Based on the leaks and rumours, it seems that it will be the Mi Watch Color or Mi Watch Revolve from the global markets. There are possibilities of this watch being a completely new product as well. Xiaomi is probably going to call it the Mi Watch SE, given that it highlights the “SE” tag.

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Mi Watch SE expected features

There’s no clue as to whether this will be an affordable smartwatch aimed at the sub-Rs 10,000 segment, or a premium offering. The Mi Watch Color or Mi Watch Revolve, is essentially an affordable watch running on a proprietary OS. However, Xiaomi may be ambitious in bringing a version that runs on Google’s Wear OS platform. That could push the prices up to the Oppo Watch territory.

The Oppo Watch is a full-blown Wear OS smartwatch starting at Rs 14,990. Xiaomi could go for a similar pricing with its first smartwatch. Running Wear OS could give the Mi Watch SE the ability to summon Google Assistant, reply to messages and interact with notifications, run a variety of apps, and access key Google services on the go.

That said, Xiaomi’s Mi series accessories have been affordable. Hence, the Mi Watch SE could eventually run on an evolved version of the Mi Band platform, giving access to basic smartwatch functions. It could also double down on health tracking features. It could compete with the affordable Amazfit smartwatches. The Mi Watch SE may not offer calling and testing functions though.

While there’s no clue on the Mi Watch SE’s features, there’s a lot to know about the Mi Band 5. Basically an evolved version of the Mi Band 4, it will offers a slightly larger display, support for Amazon Alexa’s assistance, and anew magnetic charging dock. Xiaomi has also hinted at launching a new pair of shoes, a soap dispenser, kettle, and more

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