Xiaomi might be working on 8K TV as an upgrade from its existing 4K TV lineup. The Chinese company currently sells 4K TVs under its Mi and Redmi brands. But it could soon add an 8K option to its lineup as well. The information regarding Xiaomi’s plans surfaced via an unlikely source on China’s Mid-Autumn Festival day being celebrated on September 12. In the image, Chinese actor Huang Cancan can be seen visiting Xiaomi’s Mi TV office bearing gifts.

The images captured during this visit have made its way to the internet and they reveal more than details of this celebration. One can see the description of a new product with 8K resolution. This could mean that Xiaomi has already begun work on designing its next TV with a 8K display panel. Xiaomi currently offers 4K TV as its premium offering and the upcoming 8K might become its ultra-premium offering. The TV market is having a moment of reckoning with the entry of Chinese smartphone makers.

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Photo: Weibo

There are already reports of Huawei and Honor working on 8K TV in the market. They are expected to introduce these TVs in the market sometime soon. This is the first time we are seeing details of 8K becoming part of Xiaomi’s Mi TV lineup. There is no word on specifics and the image could well be a placeholder and not development of a serious product. Those details remain unclear at this moment. The image has come into light just a few days ahead of Xiaomi’s launch of a new 4K Smart TV in India.

With OnePlus preparing to launch a 55-inch 4K QLED TV in India, Xiaomi might be preparing its rival as well. Samsung, Sony and LG currently sell 8K TVs in the market. For Xiaomi, 8K will be a logical upgrade over current lineup of 4K TVs offered by the company. We will need to see whether Xiaomi officially confirms work on 8K TV as a premium offering. The TV segment has become as competitive the smartphone market and it should not be a surprise if Xiaomi aims to beat rivals with an affordable 8K premium TV.

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