Xiaomi’s Mijia has launched a smart washing machine in China with 10kg load capacity. The Mijia washer-dryer has been an addition to the company’s lineup of smart products that have gained a fair consumer base in the country. It has been priced at RMB 1,999, which is roughly $290 or Rs 20,000. The sale of new washing and drying machine will start from December 28 in China via on Xiaomi Mall and Tmall at 2:00PM (14:00 hrs).

The Xiaomi Mijia washer-dryer supports 10kg washing and 6kg drying which is apt for daily large-capacity washing and drying requirements. The product is equipped with the industry-leading BLDC variable frequency motor. Mijia claims that washing machine offers precise and stable control without noise, and is quiet energy efficient.

As per listing, the the Xiaomi Mijia smart washer-dryer holds maximum dehydration speed of up to 1400 rpm. It supports 1-hour fast washing and drying. The company said to have included condensing hot air drying technology, which is good to dry multiple pieces of clothes at a time. Additionally, it is equipped with constant temperature control which apparently can make dry clothes feel like an ironed clothes.

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Xiaomi recently added a new Smart Air Conditioner to its Mijia ecosystem. The 1.5-ton split wall-mounted air conditioner went on sale yesterday at a discounted price of RMB 2,499 (approximately Rs 25,000) which is valid until December 27. After that, it will be made available on launch price of RMB 2,499 (approximately Rs 25,300) starting December 29.

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