Xiaomi has just announced the latest version of its Android-based skin, MIUI. The company unveiled the latest version, MIUI 11 at a launch event in China. In addition, the company also launched a 30W wireless charger, 45W USB charger, and Mi TV Pro series. Other products include Mi True Bluetooth Wireless Airdots 2, Mi MIX Alpha, Mi 9 Pro 5G, and new Powerbank. Talking about MIUI 11, the company shared information about the changes, roll-out timeline, and eligible devices.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 details

Clean design

According to the announcement, Xiaomi has focused on removing the clutter from the operating system. This means that Xiaomi is moving in a modern design direction. The company has made sweeping changes to how its UI looks across the operating system. All the elements of the design are now optimized for one-hand usage on large displays. The company has also gone for a lot of white space in the UI along with bold colors. This is in line with past rumors and what we have seen with Samsung One UUI and EMUI 10.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 feature image

Dark mode and new font

Complimenting the mostly white space, Xiaomi has also added system-wide dark mode in MIUI 11. Similar to EMUI dark mode, MIUI 11 dark mode changes the color of all system apps with true black color. Digging deeper, Xiaomi has also added a new “MiLan Pro” font that is optimized for every situation on the device. The font is lean and clean but it also comes with an interesting change. As noted in the announcement, users can tweak the boldness of the font across various system elements using a slider.

Dynamic font boldness and Living Display

The company has also used this ability to change the boldness of the font to introduce contextual dynamic UI font boldness. This means that MIUI uses this change in font boldness to indicate interaction with the UI instead of animations. The focus on dynamic UI font boldness makes MIUI 11 more minimal when compared to EMUI or One UI. MIUI 11 also comes with a more customizable always-on ambient display (AOD). Xiaomi is called it “living display” which is different than most AOD implementations. There are a number of customization options in the new AOD including the ability to showcase your own message.

Xiaomi MIUI 11 AOD

Natural sounds in Xiaomi MIUI 11 and other software features

The company also revealed that it has updated all the notification and alarm sounds to be more dynamic. This likely means that the sounds can change depending on the place or time of the day. Beyond this, the company shared importation features such as Mi Work productivity suite. It includes four different apps including Mi Share for faster wireless sharing between Xiaomi smartphones, laptops, Oppo, and Vivo devices. The second app is the Built-in document reader from Xiaomi and WPS Office. The third app is easy screencasting and improved presentation tools and the last is Xiaomi printing app.

In addition to this, Xiaomi has also added its Mi Go Travel Service Suite including Traveling assistant. The second feature is an extreme power saving mode where Xiaomi claims that the device can last an entire day on 5 percent of charge. Xiaomi also revealed that it has made all MIUI themes free. Last but not least, Xiaomi also revealed that MIUI 11 Global and Chinese Beta rolls out from today. The company will push out internal betas today and public betas will go online from September 27.

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