Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone brands in India for providing great hardware at affordable prices. However, regardless of that, they have come under fire from fans for the irritating ads in Xiaomi MIUI. Enough so that most of the announcements of Twitter include responses from fans asking to turn the ads off. To help Xiaomi users across the country we even posted details instructions on how to get rid of these advertisements. Going back to Xiaomi, it looks like the number of complaints and feedback progressively grew enough for the company to take some action. The company CEO, Lei Jun previously issued a statement informing us that Xiaomi was working on a fix.

According to Jun, Xiaomi is working on changing its policy regarding annoying ads. This seems like the right time for this given that Xiaom is already working on the next version of its in-house Android-based MIUI 11. Now, according to a new post by a Xiaomi Product Director and Chief for MIUI Experience, the company has shared some details about its work. According to the Weibo post, Xiaomi has dropped a lot of advertising space from MIUI 11. In fact, the company is working on dropping more advertising space in the coming two months.

The post also stated that the company is taking strict action against all the vulgar and irritating ads. To do this, Xiaomi is taking a look at the content that is pushing using notifications. According to a staff member, it looks like the web browser was pushing vulgar ads and notifications. Putting a restriction on these browser notifications stopped the vulgar ads according to the translated post.

Getting strict on ad providers to fix Xiaomi MIUI ads

The company also revealed that it seems to have added some sort of feedback for the browser to reduce vulgar ads. This will take 2-3 months to complete. In addition to this, the company was also getting more strict by regulating all forms of ads served in MIUI. Advertisers need to ensure that all ads are clean offering express download. Anyone straying from these guidelines will be punished. As part of the punishment, they will be suspended with the ads canceled and the advertisement account likely closed.

Xiaomi is also working on ensuring that the ads can be cleaned out from all of the system tools. The post also indicated that the company will make it easier for users to stop the ads in the interface. It also hinted that users will not have to pay any money to stop advertisements. The post concluded that revamp and fixing will take about three months. This will ensure that MIUI 11 is refreshing and light-weight. The translated text from the original post indicated all this though it is possible that the actual interpretation may be different.

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