Xiaomi has launched a new MiWiFi mesh networking router in China. It is company’s first mesh router for creating for the wireline, wireless, or gigabit Ethernet networks. The Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, and it also comes with simple app control like other Xiaomi routers.

The Xiaomi MiWiFi mesh router comes with four amplifiers, two each for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. As first reported by iThome (via GSMArena), it allows you to connect the two routers, creating a basic mesh network with speeds up to 2,567Mbps. It also supports three gigabit Ethernet ports on board to connect to the Internet provider’s set-top-box. Once the port is connected, the other two automatically work as LAN ports.

Xiaomi router is cylindrical in shape and features a power button on the side that comes with an LED ring around it. The signal transmission range is claimed high and is noted to penetrate through walls as well. The router will go through a round of beta testing before reaching consumers at large, added report.

The Chinese company at large offers products in several categories other than electronics now. With its smartphone business booming in India, Xiaomi seems to be looking beyond consumer durables space with categories such as water purifiers, laptops, and washing machines. The company is looking to boost the overall market share with new products very soon.

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Xiaomi already has a vast portfolio of smart home peripherals in China, which include products ranging from smart rice cookers, water purifiers, air conditioners and drones to smart scooters. Many have been hoping for them to come to India as well.

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