Xiaomi is reportedly working on a new phone with quad rear cameras. A new patent suggests that Xiaomi could launch a dual-display smartphone. The patent hints that the phone will feature ultra-slim bezel design. It will offer a completely different dual-display design when compared with the Vivo NEX Dual Display or Nubia Z20. Interestingly, the secondary rear display is nearly as big as the quad-camera housing at the back.

Also, there is no front camera for capturing selfies. This suggests that the quad rear sensors might play a dual role. But, this sounds a bit odd since the rear display is quite small to serve as a proper viewfinder. This implementation is slightly odd as the secondary screen is very small to show the entire subject in the frame.

As mentioned above, the size of the secondary display is same as the quad-camera housing on the back. As per the patent, the company will place the secondary screen on the other side of the rear camera. So basically, at the back of the phone, there will be two square-shaped modules. Further, the diagram also hints that the second display might surface Caller ID and notification alerts when the device is placed face down. At the moment, it is unknown whether Xiaomi will launch this phone or not.

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Separately, in October this year, it was reported that Xiaomi patented a dual in-display selfie camera technology. The company was granted a patent on September 30 by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The patent suggests that Xiaomi is working on a phone with dual cameras under the display. This tech will phase out the notch, punch-hole and pop-up modules without hampering the screen-to-body ratio. The under-screen camera tech is still in a pre-mature stage. There are reports claiming that budget or mid-range phones might first get this tech.

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