Xiaomi is preparing to introduce its folding smartphone in the second half of 2020. The foldable phone will likely have a clamshell design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR. A recently published patent shows that this model may also have a rotating camera bar.

As seen in the patent images, when folded, the smartphone is quite compact. On one side of the device, there is a rotating camera module with four lenses located horizontally next to each other. This module can physically turn and be used for selfies. However, a separate front camera is also present on the module, although it is slightly apart from the foldable display.

Xiaomi Clamshell Foldable smartphone

The hinge of this Xiaomi foldable smartphone resembles the mechanism, as seen in the Galaxy Z Flip design. When the smartphone is open, the hinge is hidden under the display. Other details about the design of this model are still unknown. Although, the patented Xiaomi smartphone shows some similarities with the existing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR models. The rotating camera system makes the device unique.

Apart from this first design, there is no other information about the new phone. Nor do we know the possible specifications of the device. Xiaomi has patented many foldable phones in recent years. The last one we saw had a clamshell frame with a pop-up camera. Many patents never reach the market and likely act as a placeholder for any future design inspiration for the company.

In recent months, several manufacturers have presented their proposals for foldable smartphones equipped with flexible screens. It is true that they all still remain rather inconstant in terms of durability. However, it is likely that over time the concept will be refined. And to such an extent that they will become an interesting alternative to the smartphones with moving elements.

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