A number of companies have somehow cracked the mystery behind better zoom cameras in smartphones. The companies that have added a better zoom camera in their device in the last year include Huawei and Oppo. According to a new report, it looks like Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is also planning to bring better zoom technology to its smartphones. The report indicates that Xiaomi has just filed a new patent for its “periscope lens technology.” It is worth noting that both Huawei and Oppo have figured similar periscope-like camera solutions to achieve better zoom. In fact, both these company have also launched consumer devices in the market with this tech. These devices include the Huawei P30 Pro and the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom.

Chinese website MyDrivers was the first to spot the patent with the title “Camera components and Electronic Devices”. According to the information about the patent, it looks like Xiaomi filed it back in December 2018. The patent office revealed the information about the patent application to the public about six months after the actual filing. It is likely that Xiaomi is already working on a prototype or a new device with this kind of technology. Though the company has not revealed any information regarding the same.

Xiaomi Periscope lens patent details

According to the report, it is likely that the Xiaomi zoom setup may sport a primary and “at least one” secondary camera. The details indicate that setting the primary lens or at least one lens in perpendicular in useful. The report indicated that the perpendicular setup and the periscope assistance lens with a light outlet for the primary lens result in an interesting work around. The setup allows smartphone users to use the secondary lens without increasing the thickness of the primary lens.

As mentioned previously, it is unclear about which Xiaomi device will sport such a setup. However, past reports speculate that Xiaomi may add this in the upcoming Mi MIX smartphone. Xiaomi is known to pack the latest and greatest of technology in its Mi MIX devices. The company is expected to launch the next generation of Xiaomi Mi MIX devices, the Mi MIX 4 in coming weeks if not months.

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