Xiaomi rolls out bug fixes and software changes every week to users testing the MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM. In line with that strategy, Xiaomi has released MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM version 8.12.27, which mainly focuses on fixing the bugs. The update also brings a few changes to the user experience, aimed to improve the experience on the platform. Xiaomi’s MIUI team has now detailed some of the changes that users will be able to experience by upgrading to the new version of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM. As noted before, the primary purpose of this update is to fix issues which were affecting users after the last update.

In fact, this new update seems focused entirely on fixing issues affecting Poco F1 users, who have reported multiple bugs affecting them time and time again. The partial changelog published by Xiaomi reveals that it fixes the black screen before entering the password on the Poco F1, which was a major issue for users of Poco F1. The update also fixes the Android Setup, which has been reported to keep stopping on the Poco F1. There is also a fix for the security application, which keeps showing notification all the time on the smartphone.

This new MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM also fixes an issue where the screen on the Poco F1 would keep flickering after reboot. While the update fixes issues reported by Poco F1 users, it also fixes one of the issues affecting Xiaomi Mi 8 users. After MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM version 8.12.27, Xiaomi Mi 8 users will not have issue with auto-brightness, which has been reported working previously. Apart from these issues, the update also addresses force close issues and most importantly, it makes the device usable on the Global Beta ROM. The changelog shared by MIUI team is only partial and the company is expected to share more details as the update hits eligible devices.

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Xiaomi, despite being the fourth largest smartphone brand globally, is considered to be behind its rivals in the software space. The company’s MIUI skin, which is layered on top of Android offers a lot of unique features but is also responsible for slowing down software update cycle. In the past few months, Xiaomi has been trying to act on those elements by pushing latest version of Android to its devices. With the new version of MIUI 10, it is trying to upgrade devices to Android Pie but first testing them in the beta group.

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