The Redmi 6-series from Xiaomi has been quite popular in the affordable segment. There are three smartphones, the entry-level Redmi 6A, the affordable Redmi 6, and the budget Redmi 6 Pro. Now, looks like Xiaomi has already started working on their successors that will be a part of the Redmi 7-series.

Spotted by NashVilleChatterClass, three smartphones, M1901F7E, M1901F7T, M1901F7C have been certified by China’s Compulsory Certificate (3C) authority. These are likely to the Redmi 7A, Redmi 7 and the Redmi 7 Pro, respectively. The listing reveals that the smartphones come with support for 5V/2A (10W) charging. Also, the prefix M19 would likely mean that these smartphones will be released sometime in early 2019.

Watch: Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro First Look

Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Note 6 Pro in India, but the smartphone maker hasn’t launched the same in its home market. And while the Redmi Note 5 Pro was launched as Redmi Note 5 in China, there is a possibility the Note 6 Pro may be released as Note 6 in China.

The alleged Redmi 7-series smartphones certified at 3C don’t reveal any specifications or features. But being the successors, we can expect the upcoming smartphones to come with improved hardware, and slightly improved design.

The current smartphones come with a wide notch, and there are possibilities wherein the new Redmi 7-series devices may come with a waterdrop style notch. These smartphones could also come with improved cameras, better chipsets, more storage and RAM. We expect more details to pour in as the launch event draws closer.

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