Xiaomi has announced that it will launch two new washing machines for sale under its Mijia Smart Home Appliances brand in China on the 25th of this month. The company has revealed the launch of a MIJIA Automatic Pulsator Washing Machine that weighs 5.5kg. And MIJIA Automatic Pulsator Washing Machine with 3kg weight.

Xiaomi‘s new washing machine arrives with a futuristic and minimalist body design. This shows how the company has put great effort into offering appliances with a beautiful design. According to the information, that Xiaomi mentions, this new Mijia washing machine arrives with support for up to 5.5Kg of laundry. Its stretched body also allows reducing its size and dimensions. The upcoming washing machines will have a top-loader design.

Xiaomi MIJIA Washing Machines

The smaller 3kg version is also said to have a high-temperature sterilization function, which seems to be for children’s clothing that needs sterilization. The price of these washing machines has not been revealed yet. However, they are likely to cost 499 yuan (about Rs 5,300) for the MIJIA Automatic Pulsator Washing Machine 3kg and 599 yuan (about Rs 6,300) for the 5.5kg version.

These will not be the first MIJIA brand washing machines that the company has released. Since, Xiaomi already has several washing machines in its lineup. Including the one that launched last year, the MIJIA Pro washer and dryer. And added the MIJIA 1C washer and dryer in April 2020. Redmi has also added a top-loading Redmi 1A washing machine to its range.

In addition to the washing machine, at the press conference on May 25. Mijia will also release new air conditioners and three new refrigerators. Including the single-door, double-door, and triple-door refrigerators of 170L, 215L, and 450L capacities respectively. This event will bring a variety of Mijia brand new smart home devices that are worth looking forward to.

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