Nobody likes a camera notch or cutout in a smartphone’s display. Xiaomi, in particular, wants to get rid of those holes and it has come up with a way to do so. In a recent tweet, Xiaomi has unveiled the third-generation under-display camera technology. Yes, there have been prototypes in the past and Xiaomi finally has the version ready for the world. The post accompanies a video showing the technology in action on a prototype device.

In the video, Xiaomi shows the prototype device with the under-display camera technology next to a regular Mi 10. With the camera hidden, the phone’s display looks similar to the ones with a pop-up camera. Whether the display is showing white or black backgrounds, there’s no hint of the camera’s presence. That said, Xiaomi has shown the device from a distance and there’s no close-up of the sensor area.

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Towards the end of the video, a person opens the camera and switches to selfie mode. It’s here when you see a good looking photo from the prototype device. Xiaomi shares a sample selfie from the camera and it looks just like a normal selfie camera from any smartphone. Hence, it seems Xiaomi has figured a way to hide the camera without compromising the picture quality.

In the post, Xiaomi says that the third-generation under-display camera technology will be ready for mass production in 2021. This hints at the next-generation flagship getting this display in early 2021. The Xiaomi Mi 11 or Mi 20 (whatever it ends up calling it) may get the under-display camera first before trickling down to more affordable phones.

Xiaomi not alone in under-display camera tech

While Xiaomi confirms a launch date of 2021 for its under-display camera, ZTE is nearing its commercial launch of Axon 20 5G. ZTE’s phone will also have the under-display camera technology but it is launching next week on September 1. Leaks have shown the design of the smartphone but there’s no revelation on the technology in action.

Similarly, Oppo is also testing a similar under-display camera technology and it could also come out in 2021. Give past launches, Oppo may unveil the technology with the next-generation Find series smartphone. Prior to this, the Find series has debuted a pop-up camera module and advanced camera technologies.

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