It iOne of major criticism Xiaomi has faced in the recent past is over displaying advertisements in MIUI. To an extent, it’s a planned approach to make margins from the software, as they claim to keep providing great hardware at affordable prices. However, regardless of that, Xiaomi has always come under fire for the irritating ads in MIUI, and the company has acknowledged the anger.

Recently, Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun issued a statement that they are working on a fix. Now according to a report from Chinese publication Mydrivers (via GizmoChina), General Manager for the Internet Services for Xiaomi has also said that the company is planning to reduce the number of ads in MIUI, and users will have the option to disable advertisements.

For now, Xiaomi has reportedly started reducing the number of advertising spots and it will further go down in the coming months. Not just that, the company is also introducing an easy switch in the MIUI system tools to disable advertisements.

The company also revealed that it seems to have added some sort of feedback for the browser to reduce vulgar ads. This will take 2-3 months to complete. In addition to this, the company was also getting more strict by regulating all forms of ads served in MIUI. Advertisers need to ensure that all ads are clean offering express download. The guidelines will be be strict and anyone straying from it will be punished. They will also suspended them, their ads will be canceled and the advertisement account will likely close too.

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Xiaomi is also working on the next version of its in-house Android-based MIUI 11. It is reported that they will be dropping a lot of advertising space from the MIUI 11. In fact, the company has already started the process and advertising space be lesser in the coming two months. The officials at Xiaomi have additionally ensured, that the ads will be less from all of the system tools.

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