Xiaomi is primarily known for its smartphones and smart TVs in India. However, the company sells products beyond phones and TVs in its home market. In the past few years, Xiaomi has expanded itself into a consumer electronics giant. One such product available from the company is a combo of wireless keyboard and mouse. The product joins a growing portfolio of devices available via YouPin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform in China. In fact, it is one product we would like to see in India soon.

Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo: Price, Features

The best part of any Xiaomi product is its price and this is no different. The combo of wireless keyboard and mouse from Xiaomi is available for just RMB 99 (around Rs 1,005). This will go down as one of the cheapest deal on wireless keyboard and mouse combo in the market. The keyboard is a proper 104 key keyboard with separate numeric keypad as well. It weighs 500 grams and has a dedicated row of function keys. The function keys also offer shortcuts to useful functions as volume control, media, mail and others.

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The product page notes that the keyboard comes with micro arc face key cap. Both the devices connect over 2.4GHz and the wireless mouse weighs only 60 grams. They have a textured finish to better control the movement. There is a scroll wheel at the center and two click buttons. The design looks similar to wireless mouse offered by Microsoft and Apple. They are designed to fit medium sized hands and offer better grip. Xiaomi also notes that there is no roll over with the mouse.

The mouse packs a 1,000DPI sensor, which should be good enough for regular use. There is also a hidden USB for a plug and play experience. The keyboard even indicates battery life and has separate notification for scroll lock, caps and number pad. The keyboard also sits a 6-degree angle. These two devices will serve as a great addition to your desk if your are looking to get rid of those cables. At around Rs 1,000, they sound like an excellent deal as well.

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