Xiaomi has confirmed that it won’t be launching successors to Mi Max and Mi Note series. CEO Lei Jun confirmed the company won’t release successors to these two products this year. This means we will not see Mi Max 4 or Mi Note 4 anytime soon. The announcement came as part of a Weibo post detailing Xiaomi’s strategy for Mi and Redmi products.

In the Weibo post, Lei Jun also clarified that the Mi brand will continue to focus on high performance models. He referred to its flagship Mi 9’s features being incorporated into performance models. He also confirmed bringing features from Mi 9 and Mi MIX series to upcoming CC range. While Mi will focus on premium performance segment, Redmi will be aimed at cost effective market. He says Redmi brand will deliver cost-effective smartphones for the e-commerce market.

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A lot of users would be disappointed with Xiaomi’s new product approach. The Mi Max series was particularly popular among consumers looking for big screen smartphones in budget. The Mi Note, on the other hand, served as a popular upper midrange model. Xiaomi might have cancelled the Mi Note line in order to help the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro smartphones. Xiaomi has been rebranding these two devices as Mi 9T for select markets.

It needs to be seen how Xiaomi fills the void of big screen smartphones left by the Mi Max line. While Xiaomi is not discontinuing the products, the chances of these two coming back remains slim. Xiaomi has been rapidly expanding its portfolio and it will have to kill one range to make room for another. The amount of success achieved by Redmi in markets like India forces Xiaomi to give it additional priority. It needs to be seen whether Redmi overtakes Mi in terms of portfolio soon.

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