Xiaomi’s foldable Mi MIX phone confirmed to come with liquid lens: What it means

Xiaomi is holding a smartphone launch event on March 29 in China, where it is expected to launch the next-generation Mi Mix. The company in a teaser revealed that the upcoming device will feature a camera with a liquid lens. This lens will supposedly imitate how the human eye works and will be able to focus on objects at different distances instantly.

Xiaomi calls its liquid lens technology “Bionic photography”. It manages to form the lens with a transparent fluid wrapped by an ultra-thin film, which can change its curvature to achieve rapid refocusing and minimize distortion.

According to the company’s teaser post on Weibo, it states that the liquid used has high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion and is extremely resistant to environmental factors.

This new liquid lens technology will help the device in changing its focal length, thus allowing the device to use the same sensor for different shots like regular, ultra wide angle and telephoto. However, in its initial stages, we are a bit sceptical that Xiaomi will provide all of these features. It is being said, that for now, the liquid lens will focus on minimizing distortion.

In other news, we recently got to see leaked photos of a prototype of the upcoming Mi Mix. The photos showcase the backside of the device along with the front, showing an internal fold similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold series.

The leaked images are of the mould of the phone, which means it does not have a display installed on the body. The device also features a placeholder triple camera setup, however, the company might end up changing it in the final design. What will not change is its horizontal alignment.

To recall, the last Mix series phone made available in stores was the Mi Mix 3, which was over two years ago. The company did showcase a prototype of the Mi Mix Alpha last year, however, that phone was never made available to the general public. As of now, we do not know if the new Mi Mix will be made available for purchase or will it just be another showcase device.

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