Xiaomi’s foldable phone could be called Mi Mix 4 Pro Max: This could be the design

Xiaomi has been a part of the rumour mill for its first-ever foldable smartphone for many years now. Past leaks suggested that the Chinese company will release the foldable device by the end of this year. A latest leak hints at how the upcoming foldable phone could look like and what it could be called.

The leak suggests that there are chances that the Xiaomi‘s foldable smartphone will become a part of the Mi Mix series.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone name leaked

As per a tweet by leakster Ross Young, it is suggested that the Xiaomi foldable smartphone will be called the Mi Mix 4 Pro Max. Although we would have expected a new foldable smartphone series altogether, the Mi Mix nomenclature for the Xiaomi foldable device seems just fine for the lineup is meant to deliver innovative products.

The leak has also revealed that the Mi Mix 4 Pro Max is likely to get the foldable display supplied by China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), which is a subsidiary of TCL.

This doesn’t fully contradict the previous rumours that mentioned Samsung as the display supplier for the Xiaomi foldable phone. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer will do so but for the second foldable device by Xiaomi, which is also slated to arrive later this year.

While the Xiaomi phone with Samsung foldable display will get an inward-folding scenario, the Mi Mix 4 Pro Max could launch will an outward-folding mechanism, much like the Huawei Mate Xs. This means that the phone would fold outwards for the display to appear on the outside. The screen is said to span a 6.38-inch when folded. Other details remain unknown.

The company has expected to take into consideration a number of foldable phone designs including a foldable with a pop-up camera, the one with a sliding screen, the one that folds horizontally, or the one that opens vertically.

However, we still don’t have confirmation on what design Xiaomi will choose for its first foldable device and when it officially plans to take the wraps off of it.

We will keep you posted once we get details on this. Stay tuned.

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