Xiaomi’s Mint Launcher from Poco F1 comes to Play Store

Xiaomi is among the group of smartphone makers that make their own custom interfaces on top of Android for their mobile devices. In the case of MIUI, Xiaomi‘s own Android UI, the basic design tends to differ from Google’s vision from Android and often come with overwhelming amount of customization option. But, the company changed that stance to some extent, when it launched the Poco F1 last year. The Poco F1 came with a tweaked user interface that would appeal to purists and stock Android users. One of the highlight of the device was a new launcher and Xiaomi seems to be preparing to make it available directly from the Play Store.

The listing for new Mint Launcher is now up on Play Store, according to Android Police, but cannot be installed on any phones just yet. The APK for the app, which is now available, reveals that it supports icon packs, screen transition effects, just like any other third-party launcher. The launcher comes with a standard app drawer even Xiaomi pretends to not have one and it automatically categorizes apps. Once installed, it offers a home screen that is similar to that of the Poco F1.

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Xiaomi has also tweaked it a bit and there is now a cache clearing button on the home screen. The Chinese smartphone maker has not added the list of devices that will support the new launcher in its Play Store listing just yet. Interestingly, even the Poco F1 is not mentioned as supported device. However, it does seen to be getting installed on other devices. One of the peculiar things is that the search apps bar is at the bottom when you pull the app drawer.

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