The charging capacity is one of the most important aspects that consumers consider at the time of purchasing a smartphone these days. With every passing day, manufacturers are bringing more advanced charging capabilities. In fact, several manufacturers including OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, among others offer 65W fast charging support with some of their flagship-level smartphones.

Considering the growing demand for faster and efficient charging capabilities in smartphones, the Chinese tech manufacturer Xiaomi has announced a new battery tech that offers 10 percent bigger capacity and advanced monitoring.

Xiaomi’s new battery technology

The company took to the Chinese microblogging site Weibo to reveal a new battery technology that its R&D has been working on for a long time. In the post, Xiaomi reveals that with this technology it was able to increase the silicon content inside of the battery by around 3 times.

This, the company said, resulted in more efficient capacity storage. This charging technology will be ready for release next year, around the second half.

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The company explains that the upcoming battery technology can fit around 10 percent more mAh and provide up to 100 minutes of additional runtime on a single charge. Additionally, the packaging has also been revamped, which is said to improve space efficiency. The PCM (protection circuit module) has been angled at 90-degrees and does lie flat any longer, which in turns saves some space.

Xiaomi battery tech

Image: Xiaomi/Weibo

The new battery tech has been packed with a fuel gauge chip, which relies on advanced algorithms and improves the safety, also the life span of the cells as it monitors overnight charging. This safeguards and battery in the overcharged state or when the is plugged in for long hours than usual.

The battery tech is also using some temperature control sensors to reduce the heat but Xiaomi hasn’t revealed how it controls the battery temperature.

We expect Xiaomi to reveal detailed information about the battery technology closer to the release.

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