Yaantra, one of the leading companies in the smartphone and electronics repair and refurbishment center, has just announced its year-end bonanza. As part of this offer, the company is offering savings of “up to 50 percent” to interested customers who want to own branded smartphones and wearable devices. According to the announcement, interested buyers will get a chance to buy smartphones from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus. The bonanza is currently underway, and buyers can make use of the offer till January 1, 2019. The only catch here is that the devices will be refurbished.

For people who may be unaware of what refurbished devices mean, they refer to possible “unused” devices that were returned. The reason for return may vary from having no use of the device to manufacturing defects that were later fixed by the company. To take the benefit of the bonanza, users need to redeem the offer from the Yaantra app, website or even Yaantra retail stores across the country. According to the company, the increase in demand for aspiration brands in the second-hand smartphone or refurbished category has created an opening for companies to grow in the refurbished industry.

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As part of the announcement, the company also revealed that it operates on giving customers devices that are “as good as new” after a 36-point quality check. The company also offers a warranty to refurbished devices that may range anywhere between 6 to 12 months where refurbished devices enjoy a 12-month warranty and repaired devices get a warranty of 6 months. The company has experienced a year-on-year growth of “over 300 percent” which hints at the demand for such devices in the market.

The company is also offering “on-demand smartphone repairs” for devices from a number of brands. This means that qualified engineers will come to the home of the customer and then repair the device then and there itself. The Yaantra repair centers have the capability to perform repairs in a time frame as quick as 30 minutes along with “after repair warranty” and “data protection”.

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