Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp launched, priced around Rs 1,000

Besides smartphones, Xiaomi is also known to sell a wide range of product in China that belong to different categories. Yeelight is a China-based manufacturer and a Xiaomi sub-brand for smart lighting products. It has been a part of the Xiaomi ecosystem since 2014, and is actively working with Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Now the company has introduced the Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp, which serves as both a nightlight and a wireless charging station. The base features an oval-shape with dimensions of 20x5x1cm with rounded corners. As per specifications, the wireless charger has an output of 5W when plugged into a 5V supply with 2A current or 7.5W/10W charging when plugged to 5V supply with 2.4A current.

The wireless charger supports the universal Qi wireless charging standard. Xiaomi has ensured that this new charger works with Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 adapter. The experience will, however, be slower as compared to charging directly from a wall adapter.

As for the lamp, it contains an in-built battery and bulb, which can be disconnected from the base. The LED lamp is fixed at the charging point by three magnetic connectors. The lamp has two modes of operation, in which it glows dim yellow or bright white. The lamp can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, after which it can work up to 24 hours in night mode or up to 11 hours in white light mode.

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Other features include temperature protection, over-voltage protection, equipment safety temperature, short circuit protection. The charger is made up of aluminum alloy shell along with a silicon base. We are not sure if Xiaomi is going to launch the Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp in the Indian market. However, it can already be purchased in China for RMB 99 (Rs 1,040 approximately).

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