You can now shake your phone to tell Instagram that something is wrong

Instagram has just introduced a new “Rage Shake” feature that allows users to report a problem or a bug in the app directly to the Meta owned app by just shaking their smartphones. Apart from this, the company has also added a long-requested feature, of allowing users to delete a single image from a carousel of shared images.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the new features via a tweet, which was accompanied by a short video showcasing both the features and how they work.

The Rage Shake feature is currently available on both Android and iOS in the US. The company has not revealed when the feature will be rolled out to other countries including India. The Carousel Deletion feature is currently limited to iOS and will soon be made available on the Android version of the app too.

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Rage Shake

Rage Shake will allow users to instantly shake their phone with the Instagram app open to report an issue. So if you encounter an issue or come across a random bug in Stories, the feed, posts, or audio, you can simply shake your phone to bring up the issue-reporting UI. You can then type in the issue or bug that you encountered and then submit it.

Carousel Deletion

The new Carousel Deletion feature allows users to delete a single picture from a carousel of images they might have shared. Earlier users had to delete the full carousel to get rid of a single photo or video inside of it. Now, they can simply go into the edit section of the post and delete the selected photo/video.

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