Clubhouse has always been an invite-only app since its launch. But that has changed now. Clubhouse is now available for everyone including all iOS as well as Android users, the company has officially announced.

Clubhouse was first available only for iOS users who have an invite to join the platform. A few months ago, the audio-only app released for Android version of Clubhouse. The audio only app is available for download on both Google Play store as well as Apple App store.

No more invite required to join Clubhouse

Till now, users with invite could only join Clubhouse app on their mobile phones and join group conversations and be a part of group chats. The audio-only app has been in beta since its launch but the developer Alpha Exploration has now announced Clubhouse out of beta. The developer has officially confirmed that users will not require an invite to join the platform anymore. Clubhouse has also announced the launch of the new company logo and website.


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Launched back in April last year, Clubhouse started gaining momentum after CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk joined the app and several other celebrities also started joining the audio-only platform. Soon after Clubhouse started getting popular worldwide, big social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram and a few others started working on their own versions of Clubhouse-like social audio platform.

The Clubhouse team recently shared that the number of daily rooms on Clubhouse has grown from 50,000 to half a million. The company also said that since the Android release, around 10 million users have joined the platform, and 90 million direct messages have been sent via Backchannel, the direct messaging feature on Clubhouse launched just last week. Here’s how Clubhouse Backchannel works.

How to download Clubhouse

Clubhouse audio-only app is available on both Google Play store as well as Apple App store. To download the app on your mobile phone, just head over to the respective app store and install the app. Ensure to connect the device to a stable WiFi connection before installing the app on your phone. Once the installation is successfully done, you can simply add your details and login to the Clubhouse app.

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