YouTube adds bedtime reminder feature on mobile app

Popular video streaming platform YouTube is rolling out a new update this week and it has a new feature for users. The feature called bedtime reminder will be available to Android and iOS users, coming to everyone in a few days.

This new feature is part of YouTube’s wellness and screen time tools. With this feature, users on the platform will be able to limit their viewing time and set ““specific time to stop watching videos and go to bed.”

YouTube also mentions “You set start and end times in your Settings, including whether or not you want the prompt to interrupt a video or wait until the video is over. You’ll also be able to dismiss or snooze the reminder.”

With most people stuck indoors because of the pandemic, YouTube feels the need for them control their usage limit. And YouTube says it has sent 3 billion “take a break” reminders over the last two years. Digital well being is a core part of Android and it’s obvious that Google will push it across all its products.

Few days back, the platform had rolled out a new change where 720p was no longer recognized as HD. This led to a debate among netizens, who are now questioning the very meaning of high-definition. For the record, the 720p quality is still widely considered as a quality of consumption. In markets with limited data and slow speed, the ideal resolution is 720p. During the pandemic and lockdown, these platforms switched to 480p as the default streaming quality.

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In the world of video, the content streamed at 360p or 480p is straight away defined as ‘standard definition’. When you step up to 720p or above, the quality of the content is dubbed as ‘high-definition.’ You can check out YouTube on a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to see this change.


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