YouTube changes design for mobile, gets bigger thumbnails

YouTube wants more users to engage on its mobile platform which is why the video page design is getting a makeover. This includes minimized comments section, and making the thumbnails of each video bigger. This will ensure the user doesn’t have to scroll all the way down read the comments.

Instead, he can click on the comments tab right below the Subscribe button. Clearing up this space has allowed YouTube designers to increase the size of the thumbnails of the video that are listed in the Up Next section, which can be either put on auto play or not.

YouTube has made these changes after taking feedback from the users, who felt with the new design, they were able to access and write comments easily. Besides this, you’ll also notice that after scrolling through few videos, there’s a new section called Stories and short videos, that shows you content which is less than a minute longer.

These updates have been rolling out over the past few days, and most people on Android and iOS with YouTube app will be able to see the new improvement and design changes.

As a primary video sharing platform, YouTube alone garnered over 300 billion views in the first quarter of this year – 13 per cent more than the fourth quarter of 2019 and 11 per cent more than Q1 2019, according to the report by Mindshare India and online video intelligence and analytics platform Vidooly.

In addition to this, the video streaming giant is gearing up to host a virtual film festival. This film festival will ensure that cinema fans can catch the latest movies from the comfort of their homes. Another interesting part to note here is that this film festival will be free across the world.

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According to a report with details, this event is addressed as “We Are One: A Global Film Festival”. New York-based Tribeca Enterprises is organizing and producing the film festival.

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