YouTube could soon get cross-device download ability: Know what is it

YouTube is soon expected to introduce a new cross-device download feature that will allow users to easily take care of downloaded videos on multiple devices. Read on to know what is it all about.

YouTube testing cross-device download feature

It is suggested that the video-streaming platform briefly tested the cross-device download feature meant for YouTube Premium users. As per a report by Android Police, the option resided under the ‘Background and download’ setting option, titled ‘Cross device offline settings’ as part of YouTube Premium’s stable and beta versions, 15.49.34 and 15.50.32, respectively.

To put things into perspective, the feature will allow Premium users the ability to save videos on other devices that are selected. If the ‘Cross device offline settings’ is selected, a pop up appears wherein users can type in the device they want to save the videos on. along with the ‘Allow downloading to this device’ toggle.

For those who don’t know, the feature was previously spotted back in 2018 by folks at Android Police. However, the 2018 version was different than the current one.

Android Police tested the feature but neither did the videos get downloaded automatically nor there was a prompt to get the videos downloaded. This tells us that the feature is still ‘work in progress’ and would take some time to fully be functional. Or, there are chances it might not launch at all. There is also a possibility that the feature might not be for the cross-device video download but to set the video quality and network preferences.

The option also vanished from the Settings soon after it was spotted.

Since there is no confirmation as to whether or not the feature will make its entry on YouTube, we will have to wait until some official word pops up. Hence, stay tuned for more updates on this.

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