YouTube Music had introduced a new “Activity Bar” that showed personalised playlists for four different moods last year. Today, the music streaming platform has rolled out a new “Energise” mood for both iOS and Android users. The already existing four moods filters include Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. The new category includes personalised tracks from different genres and artists.

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The “Energise” mood filter has four playlists on its caraousel that include “Energy Supermix”, “Energy Mix 1”, “Energy Mix 2”, and “Energy Mix 3”. These playlists include Hip-Hop energy, Dance club beats, Pop bangers, Rock & punk anthems, Indie & Alt anthems, Metal mosh pit and more. The “Energise” mood filter is currently available for both Android and iOS users.

Recently, Google has removed one feature for its YouTube Music users, limiting it to premium members only.  Until now, YouTube Music users could listen to music only when the app was open. But with new background playback support which is stated to be part of a change to the company’s ad-supported service, users will be able to stream their favourite song with background, without having to keep the app open.

The company is expected to soon limit watching music videos only to Premium-tier. This essentially means that YouTube Music will stay as an audio-only app for free users. However, they will still be able to stream videos on the regular YouTube app.

The differences between the two tiers include listening to music in the background, shuffle play personalised mixes, exploring millions of songs and thousands of playlists free of cost in free-tier, and listening to songs on-demand, watch videos on YouTube Music, ad-free streaming in the Premium-tier.

According to Google, YouTube Music reached 50 million paid subscribers in September this year. The subscribers include users paying for YouTube Music, YouTube Premium customers who get music as part of their subscription and customers on a free trial.

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