YouTube brings an important and beneficial update for Android users out there. As per several users on Reddit, YouTube has begun rolling out support for 4K content on Android smartphones.

The catch here is that YouTube allows Android users to play videos in 4K irrespective of the display resolution. Now, that’s something to note, isn’t it?

YouTube 4K video update: Full details

It must be noted that this YouTube feature doesn’t change the actual resolution of the phone’s display.

For instance, viewing a 4K video on a phone with 1080p resolution will be in the same screen resolution but with crisper graphics. All in all, this feature will be beneficial for users with a phone with lower screen resolution.

Threads on Reddit claim that the new feature is widely rolling. This was first reported by the 9to5 Google website.

We all know that YouTube allows streaming content or videos in the same resolution as the smartphone’s display. This definitely depends on the availability of 4K (2160p) content on the platform.


How to play 4K videos on YouTube

To play a 4K video on YouTube one must first ensure to have stable and faster internet connectivity otherwise the quality could deteriorate. Notably, 4K is the highest resolution YouTube offers.

Reddit users shared that they’re seeing the option to watch 4K content. Users also said that the option is showing up on phones with 720p (HD) display resolution.

Now, open the YouTube app on your phone with a full HD or lower resolution display and check if you’ve received this feature.  All you need to do is, tap on the cogwheel icon below the video, select quality to see the list of resolutions available. Select 2160p to watch the YouTube video in 4K.

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