YouTube working on TikTok-like feature on Android

YouTube is working on TikTok-like feature which is being tested on mobile apps. The streaming giant is offering the feature for Android and iOS users who can create 15-second video clips and upload on their profile. TikTok and its format has been a big hit with users across the globe. And YouTube wants to use similar features for its mobile app as well.

The company is reportedly testing the short video clip option with limited set of users right now. And it’s expected that after all the tests are done, the feature will roll out to everyone later this year. We’ve already seen quite a few platforms copying TikTok’s format and use it to build their own network of users. But YouTube entering the space changes the market, giving more prominence to a household brand on mobile devices.

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YouTube will allow users to upload the video from its mobile app on all supporting platforms. They could also shoot a video separately and upload if the duration of the video is more than 15 seconds. Having said that, we still don’t know if the feature will let you add filter themes, background music to add more impact. We’ll have to wait for a while before we get more details about how the feature will work on YouTube.

TikTok from ByteDance has amassed billions of users across the globe in short span of time. But its affiliations to China has been a concern, raising security and data privacy issues. This has catapulted the need for alternative apps offering similar features, like the India-made app called Mitron.

YouTube gets bed time reminders

YouTube is rolling out a new update this week and it has a new feature for users. The feature called bedtime reminder will be available to all Android and iOS users. This new feature is part of YouTube’s wellness and screen time tools. With this feature, users on the platform will be able to limit their viewing time and set ““specific time to stop watching videos and go to bed.”

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