Video conferencing platform Zoom has just announced that it is acquiring the file-sharing and messaging service Keybase. The company revealed that it is part of its 90-day pledge to fix privacy and security issues on its platform. This acquisition is focused on building up an end-to-end encryption system on Zoom to better protect the platform. The company has not shared any financial details regarding the purchase. CEO, Eric S Yuan also issued a statement regarding the purchase of the company. Let’s check out the details and the statement regarding this recent Zoom acquisition here.

Zoom purchases Keybase; details

As part of the announcement, Yuan added, “Keybase brings deep encryption and security expertise to Zoom.” He welcomed Max Krohn, Keybase co-founder, and developer along with his team to the company. This purchase will “significantly” advance the 90-day plan to reinforce security on the platform. Talking about Keybase, the company offers secure messaging and file-sharing services to its users with “deep encryption” and other security features. The company also issued a statement as part of the acquisition announcement. Keybase added that it “is thrilled to join Team Zoom!”. It is honored to bring its “encryption expertise to a platform used by hundreds of millions of participants a day.”

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Max Krohn will lead the Zoom security engineering team and directly report to Yuan. Yuan did not share any details regarding the future of Keybase products. This new announcement comes weeks after the company released its latest 5.0 update to its platform apps. As part of this new release, the video conferencing company also added support for encryption using AES-GCM with 256-bit keys.

The company also confirmed that it currently encrypts all the content that flows between its apps. However, the problem here is that Zoom servers generate all these encryption keys. This means that the current solution is not end-to-end encryption. The company will create a new solution to address the current situation.

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