Zoom admits lying about 300-million daily active users claim, corrects ‘oversight’

In a startling revelation, popular video meet app has meekly admitted it does not have over 300 million daily active users (DAUs) but these are actually the numbers of meeting participants. In a recent blog post, Zoom declared it more than 300 million DAUs users “around the world are using Zoom during this challenging time”. The California-based company later deleted these references from the original blog post, claiming “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants”.

First caught by The Verge, Zoom has admitted the mistake and posted it on the original blog post. “This blog originally referred to meeting participants as ‘users’ and ‘people.’ This was an oversight on our part. The blog also correctly used the term participants, but not consistently. The oversight was corrected,” said the company.

Daily meeting participants can be counted multiple times during the video meet call but a DAU is counted once per day, and is used by companies to measure service usage. “Only counting meeting participants is an easy, somewhat misleading, way to make your platform usage seem larger than it is,” said the report.

Zoom said “this was a genuine oversight on our part”. In December, Zoom had 10 million daily meeting participants which soared in COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing times as millions of people stay home. Other video conferencing apps are fast closing the gap with Zoom.

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Recently, it was just reported that over 500 thousand Zoom accounts were sold on the dark web. Moreover, a few accounts were also given away for less than a penny. In the advisory, the home ministry said, “secure use of Zoom meeting platform is for private individuals and not for use of government offices or official purposes.” The government said the app “is not a safe platform even for usage of individuals a detailed advisory has already been issued by CERT-India.”

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