Zoom wants users to update version before May 30

Zoom is getting a new version update this week, which is available on the app and website. It’s vital you update the software on your device, because from 30 May onwards, the old version will not support calls. This has been mentioned by Zoom on its website, asking all its users to update the software before 30 May.

But what’s happening to the platform? The company says, “beginning May 30th, 2020, Zoom will be enabling GCM encryption across the entire Zoom platform, providing increased protection for meeting data.” In simple terms, your Zoom video/audio call will support 256-bit encryption. If you didn’t know this already, video calls are currently offered with 128-bit encryption. This layer is considered to be less secure than 256-bit version.

So, if you’re a regular Zoom user, we’d suggest you update the version right away. You can head over to its website to get the update, or do that via the mobile app. With this update, you’ll notice that a shield on the top left has turned green. This means the video/audio call is encrypted and going through secure channel.

It is possible the company has implemented tools from its recent acquisition Keybase. Back then, Eric S Yuan, CEO, Zoom, had stated, “This purchase will “significantly” advance the 90-day plan to reinforce security on the platform.” The 5.0 version of Zoom was released earlier this month. As part of this new release, the video conferencing company also added support for encryption using AES-GCM with 256-bit keys.

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These security features are much needed for the platform which has grown exponentially over the past few months. The software caters to over 300 millions users, which made it a hotbed for hackers to prey on the users. Even though this a forced update from Zoom, but it’s clear the company wants all of its users to be secure on the platform.

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