After the launch of ColorOS 7 by Oppo, ZTE has unveiled its custom skin based on Android 10 in China. Called MiFavor 10, it brings key features of Android 10 to ZTE’s devices. The Chinese smartphone maker dropped all the key features of Mi Favor 10 on Weibo, China’s micro-blogging platform. The big change comes in most common user interface are like icons and themes. The MiFavor 10 brings system-level dark theme that Google introduced as a major new feature with Android 10 release.

The dark mode is reportedly still being finalized and being worked on by the company. However, there are plenty of other changes including black backgrounds and white text throughout the interface elements. This will be comfortable to use during night time. In order to complement the theme, MiFavor 10 based on Android 10 also brings a number of new icons. The new UI includes over 1,600 system icons and have rounded corners. The company claims that the forked OS brings optimization for motion curves and gesture navigation.

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The new version of MiFavor OS is all about looks and appearance and there is now option for dynamic wallpapers as well. Most of these wallpapers have dark shade to match the theme. The update also brings floating notifications where a small floating window appears similar to Samsung’s One UI. The company is also showing a new compact floating windows interface that houses an IM app and a floating keyboard. There are other changes as well including smart screen recognition and voice control.

The MiFavor 10 by ZTE can also quickly analyze the contents of your screen like Google Lens. The OS can pick up both text and images from the screen and offers option to edit as well as pull product matches and recommendations. Other features include full-fledged voice control and navigation around the UI. It can also pick up commands from certain apps like WeChat. There is also an updated Z-Booster 2.0 AI engine. The company has confirmed that MiFavor 10 will first arrive on ZTE Axon 10 Pro, both the 4G as well as 5G versions. It will later be expanded to ZTE Blade V10 and ZTE Axon 9 Pro. However, there is no word on official update schedule just yet.

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